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EPA Administrator Gets Up Close and Personal with Cover Crop Interseeding in Kansas

In February, EPA Administrator Michael Regan paid a visit to the Guetterman Brothers Family Farm in Bucyrus, Kansas to get a closer look at climate-smart innovations in agribusiness. Here, he got an up-close view of a Hagie Montag interseeder purchased through an innovative partnership with funding from the Kansas Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF). Planting cover crops using an interseeder can improve water quality, sequester carbon, and support healthy soils. But, this equipment doesn't come cheap. That's why Northbridge is proud to have helped the Kansas CWSRF incubate the CWSRF Interseeder Program, 2020 winners of the PISCES Excellence in System Partnership Award from EPA!

A $3.5 million CWSRF loan allowed the Glacial Hills Resource Conservation & Development to purchase seven Hagie Montag interseeders and set up a cost-share program that provides local farmers with access to equipment, training, and education for implementing healthy soil practices through a market-based approach that has the potential to restore degraded agricultural soils. Most importantly, this program offers easy and affordable access to this equipment and adoption of these practices for small family farmers.

We are honored to have worked on the Kansas Cover Crop Interseeding project with members of the Kansas Department of Health & Environment, EPA’s 319 Nonpoint Source Program, and the City of Wetmore. May this partnership continue to flourish! Check out how Northbridge can help implement innovative water quality solutions in your state.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan discussing the benefits of using a cover crop interseeder for climate-smart farming.

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