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Northbridge Training State and EPA Staff on SRF BIL Implementation

The State Revolving Fund is a large and complex program. For more than 30 years, we have been providing comprehensive and innovative training to SRF staff in every state through our contracts with EPA. Northbridge has produced trainings ranging from SRF 101 and 201s to more nuanced topics like program streamlining, SRF financial management, annual reviews, and alternative financing mechanisms.

We are excited to have begun the 2023 SRF-Bipartisan Infrastructure Law training series. In the last several weeks, we have provided training to more than 100 EPA and state staff from 8 states in Albany, NY and Atlanta. More workshops in Denver, Boston, and Chicago are coming up. The workshops are a fantastic opportunity to share best practices, learn from other states, and delve into key issues in the SRF.

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