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Protecting the Saco

The Saco River is one of the most significant drinking water resources serving dozens of communities in Maine and New Hampshire. It is also a popular area for water-based outdoor recreation. Northbridge greatly enjoyed worked with the Saco Watershed Collaborative, a dedicated group of people who strive to protect the Saco River and the surrounding watershed. The Collaborative has a comprehensive 10 year workplan of source water protection activities, ranging from studies and educational initiatives to watershed restoration and structural engineered infrastructure. We helped the Collaborative create a strategy for using the State Revolving Fund (SRF) programs to implement its 10 year plan. By combining Drinking Water SRF Set-Asides and Clean Water SRF loan funds and taking advantage of innovative partnerships and SRF financing structures, the Collaborative can create a long-term, stable funding solution. We are grateful to the Maine Drinking Water Program and the US EPA Source Water Protection program for giving us the opportunity to work with the Collaborative. We look forward to seeing them execute their vision for protecting drinking water for all residents in Southern Maine!

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